Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here begins the journey
now begins the day

with one step upon the path

my soul is on its way!
© JS Selfe


The VF Five will be going walk-about again next year. Once again it will be Marion, Kathy, Sil and Val but this time Linda Mead will be taking Rayna's place (Rayna is 2nd from right) and this is Linda.

We are planning on walking part of the Arles route along Chemin St Jacques from Lourdes to the Somport Pass and then the Aragones to Punete La Reina and Pamplona.
We will then take a train to Ferrol to walk the Camino Ingles to Santiago. This way, Kathy, Val and Linda will be able to earn their "Compostela" when they reach Santiago.

In 2001 Val, Marion and I walked the Wainwright's Coast to Coast in England from St Bees on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea.

In 2006 Kathy joined us to walk parts of the Via Francigena from Switzerland to Rome.
Marion and I walked the Camino Frances from Roncesvalles to Santiago in 2007 (my second Camino Frances but third walk to Santiago).

We had our first meeting - over lunch at Val's - last Saturday. Val is our food reporter and prepared a delicious lunch. She started in France with Potage of our Good Lady – perfect pilgrim food. Then, a walk through Spain with Paella, (with a separate dish of seafood as Kathy is allergic): then back to the Pyrenees of France into Spain…we celebrated with a desert of Mont Blanc’s…small meringues in the shape of the great mountains. Excellent!!

We had a backpack demonstration using my OMM 32L Ultralight, fully packed for a 30 day Camino. It weighed 4,075g - YEE-HAA!!!
Add 500ml of water, a chocolate, apple or Madelena cup cake or two and it will still be under 5kg.
Val gave it a try - in time to "... do the locomotion"
Lin wasn't so sure??

We will soon go shopping for their shirts, shorts, socks and boots.

Marion is sad and worried. She has an injury - a posterior tibia tendon problem and can't walk for 3 months!
We just hope that it heals so that she can do this walk.
She will swim and do aqua-sizes every week and will keep fit this way.


Anonymous said...

Yummy,that food sounds and looks great!...I hope to find some like that somewhere on the Camino!

Kamagra said...

it's a real shame, I hope that injury heal quickly, and I hope that soon I can taste all that delicious food, by the way, in the picture in where appear your backpack, up there a picture, is that Paella?