Sunday, January 4, 2009

YEEHAAA!!!!!! 2009 - 21 weeks, 6 days, 4 hours and counting!!!

The FIVE are down to FOUR. Kathy can't make it. She is doing her Ph.d this year, has a son graduating and does not have time to make the walk in June. We will miss her - she was our map reader, mountain goat leader and great fun on the VF. I've promised her that when she has time to go walk-about again, I will organise a walk on the Via Romea from the South of Italy to Roma. (She LOVES those Carbinieri in their tall black boots!)

So we are now down to FOUR - Marion is thrilled that her foot has improved so much that she managed two back-to-back hikes in the Drakensberg over New Year without any pain or discomfort.
Val still has to ask her boss for four weeks leave in June. We are all holding thumbs that she will get it. If not, she might still make the first two weeks from Lourdes to Pamplona.
Marion has been considering whether to go to the UK before we walk to do a few weeks of care work. If she does, she won't have to re-register with the Agency here and won't have to renew all her papers.

Linda wants to wait before she books her air ticket and will buy her clothes ' later ' so it seems that we are not completely ready for booking of tickets and making our final plans yet.
But, we are having our 2nd get-together here on Sunday 18th January and we should all know by then where we stand.
I am considering doing a two week hospitalero stint at Corcubino after the walk. That means that I will be away 6 weeks.

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Virginia ("Ginn") said...

Ahhhh ladies, what a fun adventure ahead! How wonderful to share this adventure with friends. I am happy to go it alone...but yes, it would be fun to gather the godesses in my life and make the trip together! I will follow your story.

My adventure commences in about 12 weeks. But in a way, it began a loooong time ago.

Life is good...

in Sunny Santa Fe, NM