Monday, February 9, 2009


Photo by PauloCesar

We talk so much on our training walks that we are in danger of developing chin-splints rather than shin-splints!

I walked with Cheryl and Val walked with Linda and the jaws were going ten-to-the-dozen! (Marion couldn't join us as she has family here from England.)

Although yesterday's trek up and down the hills of Umhlanga and La Lucia gave Cheryl shin splints within the first hour of walking the rest of us only huffed and puffed a bit.

Cheryl isn't one of the three walking in June but she is a camino peregrino and enjoys walking with us on our Sunday training walks.

We started at the Gateway shopping centre at 6am. There was a reason for choosing a shopping Mall - Val needed to look for a lightweight fleece top and we were sure that we would find one for her at one of the many stores in the mall.

We walked through the built up area around the shopping centre and then down Armstrong to the La Lucia Mall, up to William Campbell and back down again. Then it was up-up-up Armstrong back to Gateway.

Gateway is quite a smart, up-market mall so Val brought a change of clothing and had to change inside the car. (I just changed my boots for slip on sandals.) We did a few km inside the mall window shopping before having breakfast at Sam Brown's. And then hit the shops. More trudging from shop to shop.

Nothing at Woolies, de nada at Cape Union Mart, zilch at Due South, lutho at Sportsman's warehouse.

So we drove down to the Crecent and hey presto! Outdoor and Camping had a rail full of Cape Storm, lightweight fleece pull overs. Val bought a charcoal top and after visiting a couple of other shops we headed home.

In a few weeks time will start doing back-to-back training walks including a few three day walks with backpacks.

3 months and 25 days to go!!


Virginia ("Ginn") said...

Chinpsplints and shopping malls...what fun! Keep the posts coming.

My own camino officially commences in about ten weeks!

Life is good...

In Sunny Santa Fe

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