Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today we walked in the rain - well, we didn't start off in the rain but the last 45 minutes it really came down! I wore my RSA shorts and top that I'll be walking in and we all wore our boots and backpacks.
Val, Marion, Linda, Joy and I started from uShaka Marine World on Addington Beach. The clouds were rolling in, the wind coming from the south, and all the signs were there for heavy rain. We meandered our way through the development around the canals at Timeball Square, all the way to the construction fences surrounding the new harbour pier. Then we
headed north towards the Umgeni River.
By the time we'd walked about 6km it was starting to spit. Linda and Joy turned back but us hardy three peregrinas continued, outwalking the rain all the way up to the Blue Lagoon. We had a short rest on the wall - watching herons on the sand - and then headed back south. It wasn't until we turned around and walked back that it caught up with us.
First were the sounds of thunder, then a darkening sky, then sprinkles of rain that got stronger and stronger until it felt like we were being struck by small hailstones! I pulled my little black weather jacket out of my backpack and put it on to protect my camera which was in my waistbag but Val and Marion thought the rain would pass quickly and left their raincoats in their packs. They got soaked! By the time we reached uShaka at 9h15 we all looked as though we were taking part in a wet t-shirt competition! Val and I went back to the car and got our change of clothing before joining Linda and Joy for a coffee at the Java Coffee centre.
Equipment update: The boots came up trumps - staying dry even in that heavy deluge.
The socks got wet though - perhaps we should take our gaiters after all?
And, the little black jacket worked really well, repelling the rain and keeping my precious bag with the camera in it quite dry. A good training walk today.
Next week, the Pot 'n Kettle walk. Arrrghh ... a really tough walk up and down steep, sharp hills including a section of dirt road. Can't wait!!


JaneofNorwich said...

What kind of boots were you wearing? I haven't bought my boots for the camino yet and can't decide between walking trainers or ankle boots with quite a tough sole. What would you recommend?

gerd said...

hello again - :) when are you starting on your aragones camino?