Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sunday 1st March:
This morning we did a stunning hike. We started at the Pot and Kettle - a restaurant overlooking the scenic Valley of a Thousand Hills - down into a rural valley of small subsistence farms and horse stables. We call it the 'Wildlife Walk' because one sees all sorts of farm animals, cows crossing your path, ducks and geese, chickens, horses, as well as buck, wildebeest, zebra and other animals at the Wildlife Sanctuary on the way.
It is a tough walk with very steep up and down hills. Today it was cool and we walked through a mist belt at the top of Alverston.
John (the perennial pilgrim) and his friend Kenny joined Val, Marion and me. John is 75 and Kenny is 80 so they were a great inspiration to us 'young' ladies not to moan or groan as we trekked up and down the hills.
Walking through the small village of Botha's Hill we passed an antiques and collectibles shop called Pretty Old Things. We couldn't resist having our photo taken next to the sign! Further on we entered horse country where horses have the right of way.
Those bright red things on our boots are plastic spats that I cut out at 4h45 this morning when I saw that it might rain. We have decided to make waterproof spats (from a pattern I found on the internet) but these worked just fine this morning.

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MermaidLilli said...

I like the Pretty Old Things shot. Very cool. And yay for all of you doing these treks.