Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sacred Journeys to Longed for Places

St. Gildas 5thC

Pilgrims’ Prayer

In health may I and all of my companions
Safely arrive with no harm or injury –
May my boat be safe in the waves of the ocean,
My horses safe on the highways of the earth,
Our money safe as we carry it with us
To pay due heed to our poor necessities.
May our enemies fail to do harm to us,
However evil the counsels which inspire them,
In the eternal name of Christ our Master,
May my roads all lie plain before me,
Whether I climb the rugged heights of mountains,
Or descend the hollow depths of valleys,
Or trudge the lengthy roads on open country,
Or struggle through the thickets of dense forest:
May I walk always in straight ways and shining
To longed-for places . . .”

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Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow VF pilgrims.

Go well... will be keeping a close watch on your progress so that I can vicariously join in on the experience. Am certainly sad not to be going, but life goes on.

Be safe!

Kathy Pilgrim